On-Demand Print Shopping

Six things to know when purchasing designs from us at Full Potential Is About You, commonly known as F.P.I.A.Y. On Demand Apparel Print Designs

🔘It is online shopping.
🔘You can only pay by credit, debit card, Shopify payments or via PayPal.
🔘a thing to understand is called the “Production Time,” when your order is made.
🔘shipping our products comes from the suppliers with locations in America whilst the shop is registered in the United Kingdom.
🔘 On-demand shopping experiences are different from direct and wholesale sales. Yet, shopping is essentially the same. The difference is waiting on delivery of the products you choose to buy from us (except for the Teelaunch printed mugs because the company has international warehouses to achieve their aims further). Delivery from the American warehouses ranges from an average 10 days in America; 10-12 days for regions in Canada; 14 days to the United Kingdom and westerly European countries; and 21 days to other world regions;  other businesses and wholesalers may need to wait up to 45 days to fulfill the printing, shipping and delivery for the amounts of orders.  The main store page has highlighted that we have capacity to ship worldwide given the online relationship with the American-based printing and shipping companies of Printful, Teelaunch and Printify.  F.P.I.A.Y. is recognizably a design shop for individuals and new business.

🔘And lastly, F.P.I.A.Y., Printful, Teelaunch and Printify anticipate that our working alliance to print designs will be to the shopper’s full satisfaction. We wish that the customers could sustain the same pleasure of buying on-demand and wait for a little longer.

That’s about all. If you want to read more from our shop about purchasing on-demand print designs, here’s more of the scoop we’ve got to give readers and potential new customers …

Purchasing products from an online store that do not yet exist (or even sold via an independent merchandiser) is called buying on-demand for newly printed products.  This experience happens on the internet and it is quite arousing but not literarily pornography.  On-demand prints create lots of attention that thrive on emotions from shoppers and retailers to buy because the product designs are often unique and stir conscious against brand retailers, alike.
Online shopping is easy to do and people take up online shopping for so many reasons. The ones we know best are 1) to do less walking,  2) to spend less time in shops and 3) enjoying the experience of buying from a raw and small start-up business far from their own location.

Online shopping gives customers the convenience to spend money without coins or notes and having more control of personal data shared during the transaction. Many well known and established sites give shoppers new ways to spread their budget on trends, buying bulk items and find something that is unique not found in storefronts or wholesale bidding sites. And surely there are many more reasons.

The most popular online stores are branded by large partnerships and corporation groups who can offer the product almost immediately by promising shoppers option like same day delivery, promising delivery within a block of hours that could be made recurring if the product is needed so often or even to arrange for collection that fits better with a customer’s availibility.  Partnerships and corporations hold huge investments in warehouses, wholesalers and operation services, too, that can spread their locations in many local and world regions so that their service and products are made quicker for individuals and small businesses to buy from them.  This is viewed mindful of the shopper’s needs and readiness to buy, rather than to sustain wanting something with longer waiting time like it is with on-demand printing, packaging and delivery.

Just imagine the first time online shopper in Antrim, England is keen to buy one of the “Old Gold Owl” designed products.  Trying online shopping without a feel for the product could be understandably an anxiety producing choice, where after checkout the shopper becomes worried that the website and product offered were actually some gimmick to take money or personal details of strangers.  The same buyer may get anxious that he or she added their account details and have spent money unsure that the product will arrive; 14 days just like too long to wait.   Or imagine the new shopper from the island country of the Dominican Republic who doubts they will get their order completed — doubtful their delivery address may be too remote for couriers, thinking the product would get stolen in transit or misplaced on someone else’s door or box.

A system to reassure shoppers about their purchase is in line with our Shopper Guarantee. The response is immediate to completing the online transaction. The customer will receive email purchase confirmation from F.P.I.A.Y., with the billing and delivery details given by the customer alongside a list of items purchased, the amount of the transaction and the expected delivery dates; followed with a summary notification of our Shopper Guarantee.

Another confirmation email will be sent from the printing and shipping company (i.e. Printful, Printify and/or Teelaunch) within 48 hours, who will confirm the order and give the customer the details they received for the production & packaging of the item(s) with the expected delivery date to its destination.  On the third day after the order is made , the printing production time starts and the work should be done for packaging and shipping to a courier within another 72 hours. The company will send a notification email with a courier tracking number for shoppers to follow until the delivery is fulfilled.

We offer an added confirmation of fulfilling the order, 14 days after the item(s) has been delivered. F.P.I.A.Y. uses a customer review advisor called YOTPO, to request customer feedback of their satisfaction with buying from our online shop, to rate us on the communication from F.P.I.A.Y. after the purchase, to rate the level of communication from the relevant printing company (i.e. Printful, Teelaunch or Printify) before the package arrives to their door by courier.  We feature a YOTPO review icons on our product pages, if customers wish to give their review there, even before the email arrives to their inbox.

With large partnerships and corporations a shopper’s immediate satisfaction is one aim for them to find shoppers in person and keep them by creating the same presence online. The two shopping lines they give to shoppers  accommodates the individuals and businesses to make the choice to shop with them again and feel pleased right away. Though shopping at F.P.I.A.Y. has a longer wait period to fulfill an order, our store owners feels rewarded with the company we keep. Their reputation is highly regarded in America and Canada where they began.

It is a friendly experience to shop at F.P.I.A.Y.

At F.P.I.AY., our shoppers will have a choice to buy without being chased around frequently by our store team or the online sales channels that we use to keep interested shoppers informed.  Those shoppers who do not buy anything on their first visit have the option to leave their email address with the store’s email blogger hosted by MailChimp or the sign up box found on the bottom of the main store page.  The MailChimp sign up usually pops-up the first thing when you visit F.P.I.A.Y.  Not all first time visitors would be so keen until they browse our pages and later choose to sign up for the same on our main store page.

Our store owner manages the email campaigns via MailChimp and placing the ads in social networks, to make sign-up customers aware of sale periods, to highlight new and existing products, to offer exclusive shopping codes or to share a story that is particular to the store brand. The frequency of the emails is no more than once a month. A greater number of email messages were sent during the end of year sales in 2016 to increase holiday shopping, Black Friday deals and Cyber Monday sales with our product suppliers. It was a busy time to manage sale tags and getting enough on discount codes. There were weekly emails sent at the beginning of 2017, to keep new interest as the product and designs were getting added frequently. The tire owner has not organised for a frequency of emails but we attest it would be minimal and will not load your inbox undesirably.

We also have shoppers who came to visit and shop via recommendations of friends, family and customer referrals on social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. We even get loads of traffic from Wanelo and Polyvore. Plus, interested shoppers who follow our ads and the shop page on social networks would get news and discount offers for sales.    And did you know you that we are solely online and have another site we sell on? Yes.  Of all sites we are found on, we pay to display many of our products on Facebook and visitors may choose to simply buy on Facebook with their payment setting and not have to visit our main online store.  We have done so since we published our files last year via Shopify and think it is a good investment.

At F.P.I.A.Y., our shoppers should know that details given to complete checkout the transaction is safe. Not kept with our site. The details of a shoppers 16-digit credit card, debit card, or PayPal account information are not stored by us as it would be on Facebook. We just do not have that capacity to administer a log of store contacts like that. We realise that regular online shoppers enjoy the convenience to be safe shopping with keeping their details stored for the next shopping trips.  But, sorry, customers who come back and shop at F.P.I.A.Y. will have to type in all their card details again and go through secure authorisation if that is required with the card the shopper will use.   With F.P.I.A.Y., a visitors email is what we keep and that is an option of the visitor to leave in our sign-up box.  A visitor may choose to opt out of contact with us later on or unsubscribing from email campaigns sent by the store owner.

At F.P.I.A.Y., our visitors will have a choice to buy only if the design on the product is appealing to their desire and need(s). We can’t enforce shoppers to buy but hope we make our store pages inviting, the print designs are your taste, that it easy to find products you like and worth the time fir you to stop and shop.  Each of our products are displayed with the printed design as one or two photos that might include a model.

The clothing items we sell mostly have one photo of the design. The product page for most shirts have one model, or not. The views of the design are given on different colour shirts. The choice of shirt colours?! This is one thing we anticipate would make a difference to shoppers who like what we offer to sell.  Each time we complete a design for a brand we are interested to invest in, it is literarily pulling our nails to decide what shirt colours visitors want, regardless that the model looks like that can pass any colour.  In making that choice, the store owner would make the first few choices by blending a colour from the design. We also think about trendy colours men and women look for in fashion apparel; we consult with other designers and choose shirt colours that are popular, currently in the market and fitting a trend.

The rest of the clothing pieces and product line are totes, pouches, mugs, pillows and phone cases that are printed all-over with designs we make for those products.

We try to offer sales as often as possible. Sometimes we choose to go by theme, collection or a few mix of choices from the various collections.

Shoppers who have followed us since we began in 2016, would’ve seen the headline shopping cards we featured on our home page in November and December 2016. Those cards gave shoppers from the U.K., E.U., U.S.A., Canada, Australia and world regions the deadlines that were agreed on by the printing companies, to complete the printing, packaging and delivery by 12 December 2016.  As you may have guessed, it really satisfied early holiday shopping and those visitors and shoppers also found the special sale promotions for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.  It was awesome to check in everyday those two months and see the large number of visitors that were clicking through our store pages and adding products to the cart.  We plan to continue to do the same for the same time of year each year we are operating. So expect to see changes in our page layout, colours and headlines at the end of year.


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