Quarterly News Update on Full Potential Is About You

Buy, commission or license digital art images from Full Potential Is About You is the main line for the store. And it continues to operate as an online shop since March 2016. Since the beginning of Full Potential Is About You, the digital art store has 150+ images still available for purchase. These 150+ have yet to be commissioned to any individual store. The price list has fluctuated as the store gets more interest but now remains at the listed flat fees. Most of the images are priced at £15.00, lowest is £5.00 and the higher price is £50.00. Further detail about buying digital art is explained on her store’s collection page and blog.

The store has generated a public, locally and through contacts overseas. Special thanks to family and friends who are getting the word out about the store’s products and tools! A word, a share and clicks from potential buyers has done loads to keep the store open and for the artist to continue to pursue her passion with her art.

Business networking, email marketing and advertising has generated lots of interest regularly across several social media, especially in the month of May.  In the past three months, Vivian met graphic designers from the famous Tiffany.co brand during an EU Small Business event at the Cock and Bottle of London in May 2016. She is looking forward to further consideration from them, as she adds on more to the store.

For any buyer, Vivian is available to make any adjustments to the images she has created to suit the needs of another business and satisfy their transaction. Contact via email or on the store’s sign-up page is welcome. Vivian aims to respond to direct communication within 48 hours.

In the most recent month, Vivian has used both her art folders (published or not) to design shirts, tops and tanks on Thread Me Up. Look at the slideshow below of some of the designs she is selling. Thread Me Up is another online storefront she is using to develop her store on consignment with Shopify e-commerce shops. She has integrated both stores to allow buyers to peruse her main store for all her product line. As the consignment levels grow, Vivian will design phone cases, more apparel, key chains and footwear.

The new t-shirt designs are presented as 30-day Movements. The vendor is equipped to fulfill large volumes of purchases and complete delivery across the globe within 14 – 21 days at the end of each movement. We are all integrated on one shop to make the buying process easier.

The first design, Real (tee) is on sale for another 4 days and there is £5.00 off discount until the end of sale. Vivian will relaunch this top at end of sale at its regular price. This design only comes in one color but all other tops are available in various colors and threads. There are designs for men and women.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Come to the store and shop!

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