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It has been quite some time that we’ve shared news about our online shop. Over six months! We are few in the team and we are busy being in contact, marketing our business and finding more shoppers for our store to remain open. Please accept our apologies.

We kept busy seeking people to supply us and bring us more sales. We are also adding and creating more with existing art work. Our business ventures are developing so that we can stay and have more for shoppers to get from us. We want to be consistent in what we offer and interested in our shopper reviews.  Our store owner plans to share more about her other ventures since she plans to integrate her product and services when the other production is underway. So, what do we share now?  Well, here is a catch up…

Full Potential Is About You has changed and you are seeing less of the digital images on the product list.  But the store name has not changed. What is going on with the digital art sales?  Is all the art licensed by other shops or affiliates?

Well, yes we’ve made changes over the months to highlight a product display filled with our designs of fashionable stuff that people like and buy.

But no, not one of the images have been licensed, yet.  We have few buyers that ever stay in touch to tell us about their business.  Yet, we know things are really happening in London. We are seeing success locally since we started campaigning and shopping around for new business to have our art. And that is the reward of working hard.

By chance, our store owner found a shop in town where one of her buyers created merchandise for a few of the gift shops on the road.  The digital image was completely reworked with butterflies but the layout remains with some pixels of the original work we have–it is our images titled, Gerber.  In our product line, the store owner used the Gerber image to design the Old Gold Owl and Euphony shirts and blouses, and a set of store business cards. Not sure which variation was used by the artist below. These are two photos she took when passing by the shop (there’s also a blog spot in the store news section about her experience) —

Another buyer, retouched another one of the digital photo enhancements to create a GIF image for software engineering which I can not upload here.

There are several other images that get lots of attention.  Those are kept on the product list in the online store and some others through the Facebook shop. The store owner, decided to keep a separate file for the image collection because the full file of images made browsing through the product list messy for shoppers to stick around longer.  To reduce the clutter, the store pages (About Us and the Home Page) sum up that we are still available to sell and license the art illustrations to any interested buyers.

We also use some other tools reaching buyers so our workdays have been longer.  In October, a Messenger tab was added at the bottom of the screen to allow communication with the store owner to sell the images through other channels.  Responses could be immediate among staff help. Direct communication with the store owner could be accommodated within 24 hours depending on the traffic to the store, as we sell worldwide. A response to queries are in English.

Buyers have liked purchasing the images through email. Quick and easy. Shoppers could just buy the images right off the face of the email without having to leave their browser window.

           Thinking our store name/brand because some don’t understand how it fits in with the line of products.  True, that is one review that is easy for the store owner to understand. There is discussion weekly with her since we are staying in business.  Well, the store server is busy regularly and we are not changing urls/domains just yet. We hope our customers still stay, visit again and refer without having to answer it for us. We just hope for now they are loving our product line and don’t mind keeping a tab or hyperlink of our web pages to get to us quickly. Youwill get the news here and any blog updates in the store once our decisions are final. No definitive dates just yet.  It is possible that the URL domain stays the same for another set of services.  And our current product list imports with a new product line.  There could be possibility that our owner opts to sell to a larger company.   Our online shoppers and readers will be informed if they wish to follow where our merchandise goes.

You like our product list but are we going to be around for longer?

Love knowing that people want us around. Companies sought the store owner in Spring to develop the product line into art that people wear, art for mounting on walls and art to carry on trendy merchandise. Help has come around and more is available to buy.

As the months progressed, we had some worry after the summer months.  Still, we have survived a Cyber Attack, hacking attempts in to personal email accounts and the business registration.  We briefly shut down the main store pages at the end of October.  But we are running and having sales…Yes, we are staying.  And just this month, we started sales for shoppers who may be fishing around early for unique gifts for the holidays.

“So, tell us again what is so unique about your products at Full Potential Is About You?”

One thing that has remained given all changes happening in the store, is that we have variety in our store with a consistent design to appeal many personalities and style.  The art is unique and our products are not found in stores. The brands we use to place our art are supplied from high quality and brand manufacturers. The consistent display of our art, stories and descriptions attached to the product convinces our new audience and repeat shoppers to come back and make choices to buy.

We appeal to men and women who seek designs on nice stuff that are unique for their wardrobe and for a few other items to carry. The fashion designs could be worn several ways — casual, to make a statement and some even to wear more formally for work or social events. We have several products that carry our designs like phone cases, the totes and coffee mugs.  We appeal to an adult audience but we figure that several things are appropriate for our adult shoppers to add to their cart and give to a teenager or youngster at home.

Miss Dee, in particular…

Miss Dee was one illustration the store artist created from work with people and community focused on Autism. Ms Vivian fit Miss Dee’s big smile a few ways in her product line –a unisex t-shirt, tank tops, ceramic mugs, stickers, framed posters, prints and a unique t-shirt fit for only 2-6 year olds. She figures the shopper in this range of product might like to get a match set of Miss Dee products that includes their youngster.  For now, the supply of the yellow top sold out quickly over the summer months and that was solely about the supply we had to work from. Loads are still available in other colors.

Miss Dee is about her expression — the big smile and wide eyes.  And it is representative of Autism. The product descriptions and tool make her different.  Still, her character eludes she can be a helper to improve good communication, being consistent with routine like her image keeps a big smile in each surrounding she is placed.

Ms Vivian is American and was also inspired this year to make a few products to show  Miss Dee there, too. Miss Dee had a few enhancements to get placed across the American flag on some products. And these products caught attention quickly.

How are SALES going?

The response from shoppers is great this first year in business. We are getting periods of sales where the amount of visitors spikes from new areas. It is just awesome to have attention from a global audience.

Sometimes we have been able to replenish our supplies immediately after a major sale period. When our sales on the shirt designs have been over long periods of time and supplies sell out, we get more opportunity to reach suppliers to get more of the shirts (or even just the color variety) back on the list.When our sales are high and happening consistently on any one design, we offer shoppers a better experience by getting more brand supplies. And even better news that more and more sales every month this year gives our sales team time to evaluate when to gradually reduce the original price to customers.

Finally, we happily state that our sales from loyal customers and the reviews makes a great difference in what more we can do and how we reward you for helping our business grow.  As a new business we think a lot about our customers regularly since we rarely get to interact with our shoppers as other store owners  would do in a storefront boutique (but that could be us one day, too).  Even without meeting, it is easily understood that if you like what we offer we need you to tell others and help our marketing campaigns.  We just can’t stay in business without you and your referrals. Your purchases pay us, the supplier, the printing service and shipment teams until the parcel arrives to you.

Getting more of our store than shopping…

We reiterate that we want you to enjoy more with us as our firsts of the millions of shoppers we hope to reach in 2017.  We want you to get more from shopping at our shop and helping us out with just one new customer. Wouldn’t it be nice to gain special discounts tailored for you because you helped us out first. And got something unique and nice to wear and/or carry around with you at home, school or the office? Or would you even consider that staying in contact with the store owner by email sign up may get you the news and information about a luxurious opportunity to own retail in a new luxury property without spending anymore at our shop? Well, the store owner has a unique referral link at the bottom of this page that is linked with one avenue of expert brokers who are building with her the investment portfolio that will create the equity and leverage needed to expand the development of a coastal retail property area that currently has a professional 18-hole golf course and a landmark district with a gorgeous wedding venue. There is much to do and develop there.  Sprucing up the region with a new estate for holiday and retirement is just what it is needed. You can be part of this development, too.

Check out our referral link on the bottom right corner of the home page.  Begin a shares portfolio with them.  Stock shares may be  a risky venture to do alone. But, here we can assure you that the brokers know what they do and invest hugely for many. The brokers do not share with the store owner your personal details or any significant information about you and your investment.  It is up to you when you wish to stop trading and your profits are yours. The news is if you stay in the portfolio link, you’ll be on the list to get email, news about events near you and documents on the opportunity to turn that investment into owning shares of the estate that you may choose to live in or make money from letting/renting.

For Full Potential Is About You, we attest a few things to keep your interest as a loyal shopper.

>As we shared in our last article, the store owner is developing a new retail product line that will make hosting guests at home a great success. You’ll get sneak preview of locations we are in to demonstrate the usefulness of our new products before it is launched for sales.

> more unique designs are developing among staff. You will see more collection pages to shop in with some existing dEdith’s and several that are new and our unique style.

>We offer sales often by choosing variants of one or more products at a time.

>we will lower prices of our full product line gradually as sales per product and collections increase well enough to do so.

If you’ve been with us long enough, you may have noticed that we generated enough to lower the original price on the Euphony Boxy Shirt that was created mid-May 2016. The original price was £22.99 and the currently listed price – £19.99.  It give opportunity to get a couple other supplies. 

> As early as 15 January 2017, we aim to add pants, leggings, skirts and some funky dresses to add to your wardrobe!!!

> we are talking about adding a collection line for youngsters that include shirts and bottoms.   This could take some time to agree on and design a good amount of products to keep your interest and build our boutique.

Sign up at the bottom of the page to get the newsletter in your email.

Our store web address is

You can even find us with domains as .co or 


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