Peak of new products to go on display in May 2017

Being very new in ecommerce fashion branding is not so easy and I am putting in longer work days than I ever imagined could be possible. But it’s what I’ve got to do to prove my worthiness to be unique to fashion and art.

Working hard pays its rewards. And the teams I contact for supplies, adverts and sales know how to do that for me. One year in business and I’m ecstatic that people in all sorts of places buy my designs to wear, to carry and show off on their walls.

Here’s more to know…

News followed on the day my tote bag design was featured on  The store dashboard flashed a card from Shopify that we’ve attracted over 100,000 visitors to shop from my brand. And not just Britain but shoppers and visitors are finding my brand worldwide, they like to shop from all the collections and return for more.

I can not sit still most days. I wonder that soon online visitors will turn to buyers who decide which items they like most and then what. My store holds over 30 pages of print designs on fashion, cases, mugs and wall art. Would they return after getting their product and have regret that’s all I’ve got for them?  Well, I love getting even more shoppers and I don’t want to disappoint anyone who returns to see what’s on display.

My aims this year are continuing to create more fashion prints for men and women and get it out to customers in less time at competitive prices with other on-demand print designers. I am focused to create 5 new designs for men with embroidered caps by the summer, to complete the existing collections and launching a new line of decorative pillows and pillow cases.  The pillows will be our unique designs and possibly one or two inspired by another artist and photographer.

So, here is a  peak of a super soft pillow design I’m holding until all the designs are complete. The pillows are 45.7cm x 45.7cm (18″x18″) that will be added to the Smashed Mood Collection some time in May 2017 (sign up to our mailing list or on this blog to get the publishing date). This design is likely to get a “Ruffled,” title — and it’s not the pillow but the actual print design. The pillow filling is very fluffy made of 100% polyester.


I’ve decided to push back efforts to add my brand with recognisable online fashion brands until I’ve completed designs and the collection of products offered by the suppliers.

Full Potential Is About You is more than a year in ecommerce business and aims to stay longer to offer you our very best pieces of work on fashion with tasteful, bold and bright colours in your wardrobe.  -Vivian


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