Full Potential…closes temporarily

It will be more than a summer break for Vivian –

Some changes are happening for our online store website, alongside the printing companies that we hold affiliations to, that will disrupt our online operation for customers and potential new buyers the next couple of months.

F.P.I.A.Y. online site will be “closed temporarily” after Sunday, 6 August 2017

But it is not our plan to stop operating or fully shutdown

F.P.I.A.Y. is closing temporarily?      After Sunday,  F.P.I.A.Y. website will face disruptions making it hard to see all the product pages and to press menu buttons.  The checkout payment buttons may get stuck and links will stop working.  And, the products we are showing on Facebook will not display.

We want to do more with our layout,  product descriptions, pricing tags and digital content that could potentially impress you and new potential buyers to browse our on-demand apparel print shop.  We really think current visitors and new visitors will be impressed with what we are doing to make the shopping trip more enjoyable.  We aim to stay on this task until complete for 6 to 8 weeks.

We already reached over 100,000 visitors and shoppers since the store launched in 2016 and we will continue our efforts to potentially reach thrice the audience before the end of this year.

So here’s what we intend to do to keep your interest and not let you forget about us, at Full Potential Is About You, aka F.P.I.A.Y., On-Demand Apparel Print Designs,

  • Keep this password to the store to use when you visit:  survive

 Though the site pages would not be fully running, our customers and those who find out about us through this newsletter could still open the site with the password — survive (all lower case).   Visitors may use this time to select the products they want to order, put those product designs in the cart and finish buying later.  Our plan is to still display the On Sale Items Collection, the shopping buttons and the digital content until we are back up and running full-time with every product.    We will keep you informed if a great amount of changes will happen on any given day that could make your shopping experience difficult with our site.

  • Sign in to our store today and leave us your e-mail address, if you  haven’t already done so.  You can unsubscribe later if you wish.

    An email address to reach our interested shoppers, would make it so much easier to know that you are still interested in F.P.I.A.Y. and want news about the new live date.  Heck, Vivian might even post another blog just for letting you know about the progress with the new site.

    If you like us so much and would visit often just to see what we are doing, you will eventually see the changes before we go live with everything we sell.

    Vivian works hard everyday and with the proposed changes, she aims to get the website in full operation by mid-month in September 2017.

  • You can not place orders of on-demand printed products when we are under construction

For one, we know the feeling about wanting something that has just caught your interest and it was unexpected.  So you need to get back to it later because you were too busy at the moment, had to sort out your finances before you do and for many other reasons.   But you still want to buy the item and leave it in your bookmarks, reading list or saved as a desktop icon to remind you to get back to it eventually.

And, we figure we have loyal businesses and customers who are still interested in our designs that don’t put the item in the cart and checkout straightaway.  But would return to shop later and continue to shop again.

F.P.I.A.Y. staff understands online shopping, so rest assure, that with the given password, the site pages that open will display some print designs and products to consider buying when we are opened again. Shoppers and new visitors could still make the choice to put the product(s) in the cart and finish buying on the day we relaunch.  Save your numbers and compare us later.








One thought on “Full Potential…closes temporarily

  1. fullpotentialsite says:

    Hi Readers. Sorry for the late notice but the website log in has been stopped until the site reopens. No one will be able to log in and browse our pages until all the layout is refreshed with all the navigation buttons.
    We aim to get everything up and running the week of September 18. I’ll be sure to inform readers later this month. Thanks for all new sign ups while the site was temporarily open!


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