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This newsletter will give you the news on start-up online business, Full Potential Is About You – published by store owner Miss Vivian. The site registered in London, United Kingdom. The site began with selling digital files of the art particles that would later become printed on-demand on the fashion product line.   As for the digital files, there is no shipping required of the digital illustrations.  A large JPEG download, >12MB is sent via from the store to the purchaser. A flat fee is attached to each image. The current base cost is £15.00.

What is Full Potential Is About You?  And what makes a unique digital art shop?

Full Potential Is About You  begins as a store of unique artwork drawn up by the store creator. She began her ideas to showcase images, stories and motivational cards that are meaningful to her first profession. She wrote and sketched ideas that fit a concept of her type of interventions, in both the public view and among her profession. And her digital images are about the lives shes engaged with, where expression and things in nature become so important to overcome distress and renew one’s identity.  The work was often finding key people, things of nature, monetary resources and a secure location to determine that there was good reason to help one person.  And that a little aid gave the individual a safe place to renew their goals, new tasks and seek their full potential.  And to do it better after getting some help.  The store owner is often impressed seeing storefronts with merchandise and clothes that  contain images or words that are representative of other professions.   Miss Vivian headed discussions with her colleagues to find images from our work, to design what our line of work has achieved that would also translate as trendy for fashionable items, wall art and in software developments.

It was slightly over a year ago in January 2015, that the store owner went to an access lounge by Regents Street, London where she took up instruction of how to handle a digital brush, scalpel-like tools, pallet hues and scaling her canvas to draw. And the only task was to draw a snail, an animal that is usually depicted in folk tales as slow in its task.  The tale about the race between the hare and a snail often came to mind in how the store artist reached a decision to publish her work and take part in the digital art world. Slowly but surely Vivian took action and nothing came easy or looked incredible.   But there is no regrets not having gotten to this point earlier, alongside other business ventures. The store artist believes she is on point to gain further recognition in art and bringing her art into all her business ventures.

The Store Owner has goals to achieve and will include new business from you as each one develops

Full Potential Is About You, is one of four business ventures for the store owner because it is one talent she is sure she is good at doing it on her own.  She is also heading product development of several tools that could give her target audience more success with hosting small and large scale events independently. Her colleagues are affiliates of trade and crowd funding which is getting put forward to estate planning. Her goals are primarily to gain recognition in her field for using her special talents, the work experiences at home and abroad, alongside campaigns to community developers and town & country litigators to lay out a self-sufficient community estate for a future generation that could greatly suffer not having enough people to care and support them.  Vivian has made connections with credible businesses that can hold ground for many years forward.  And that would aid a new community greatly to have resources of employment, building development, leisure, health services, food technology, social care of children, adults and the elderly; and the preservation of landmark locations.  In all ventures, the store owners seeks to find fruition in what she sets out to do.

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Signing up for the newsletter will keep you abreast to news on supplies added to the store.  And any news that is shared by shoppers who used our art for their own business.    Within the first two years, the store owner is promoting a hamper donation project. She attest to include a montage of photos and videos of the hamper donation projects.  And hopefully get an account of how her unique style would bring smiles to those receiving the hamper kits.

Visit the store, if you have not checked it out yet.   The website URL is http://fullpotentialisaboutyou.myshopify.com.   There is also a linked shop on Facebook integrated with the same product line in the online store. The URL to the Facebook page is http://www.facebook.com/fullpotentialisaboutyou.

Full Potential Is About You


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