E-commerce Business

Full Potential Is About You was conceived by the store owner, Miss Vivian, on 7 March 2016. Vivian decided that she wanted to place her art work on a shopping forum to influence new business all around the world with the sort of artwork and conceptual content in the art.  The many years of work in traumatic and relief efforts gave her a great experience of how art helped facilitate communication, understanding and a common language.  She envisioned that her unique art pieces would look fabulous on various merchandise, in fine art display, home decor and wearable items.

The new online store was designed and published to the consumer market in just 10 days after Vivian began to shop around for a store and took up consultations from other artists and life coaches of how to sell digital art. The store’s main domain is Shopify.com and the company chose to promote its products on a Facebook business page.

The company creator and artist is happy to share that a small fee for promotions on Facebook reached the global scale. The second day of store opening, Vivian received a notification on her Facebook business page with Likes from a 19-year old man living in Indonesia, a British woman in her mid-50s and a credible business man based in Vancouver who all agreed that the image called Beautiful Woman Smiles interests them and they liked the store page. Vivian was just excited that one promotion reached such a wide audience. And in just 5 more days, Full Potential Is About You, had reached 1035 other people around the globe who viewed the store’s products. By the twelfth day she had 3815 stops at her store. Not only thankful to see her new audience, the company owner is thankful to her Facebook friends and family who viewed and shared the news.  Full Potential Is About You guessed their forecast in business is favorable for them to remain in the market longer.

As shared, art is leisure for its company owner/artist. And just getting well-seasoned on applying sketching and acrylic arts into the digital world, this art medium has become a regular practice for the artist to transform some existing pieces of her artwork into digital images.

The artist is creating newer images that will be added to the store on 17 April 2016.  Full Potential Is About You will bring its audience more images that will include the storyline of creating the product.  Some images will include stories that are relevant to the work the artist took in crises situations, meeting new communities and using art to facilitate talk and finding resolutions to long standing distress . The artist will show her skill with more color and digital enhancements.


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